Cold Metal Spray / Liquid Metal

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A mixture of metal powder and polymer binder (with activator) is sprayed onto sheet material or an object and then finished to give the look and feel of metal. Finishing techniques can include grinding, sanding, polishing, wire brushing, acid washing etc. to produce the desired effect.

Ronald Britton supplies a range of metal powders suitable for cold metal spray including copper (spherical, irregular and dendritic), brass, bronze (spherical and irregular), tin, zinc, aluminium, iron, stainless steel and nickel brass (nickel silver).

The cold metal spray process offers advantages of lower cost and lower weight compared with casting or fabricating in metal. Sprayed materials can be used both indoors and outdoors and find many applications such as cladding to building exteriors, fixtures and fittings for bars, restaurants and hotels, decorative and artistic application in shops, offices, homes and boats and signage for commercial premises.

Additionally copper and copper alloy coatings find use in the medical and health care sectors due to their proven antimicrobial properties.

Please contact us for advice on particular size grades suitable for cold metal spray or download our ‘Guide to Cold Metal Spraying / Liquid Metal’: EN_CMS-Basic-Guide