Dendritic Copper Powder


Dendritic (electrolytic) copper powders characterised by their high surface area and ability to achieve high green strength at relatively low pressure.

Our dendritic copper powders are available with low, medium and high apparent densities.

The fine grades (0-63µm) are used in sintered friction materials, carbon brushes, diamond tool setting, anti-fouling paint formulations and fillers, for example cold cast resins. Also used in decorative coatings.

Standard grades (0-150µm) find application in powder metallurgy parts, for example used with tin powder for production of bronze bearings.

*Stock Item. Other grades made to order.


Description Composition (%) App Density (g/cc) Size (μm)
Dendritic Copper Powder -100# STD Cu 99.0 min 2.6 - 2.7 <150
*Dendritic Copper Powder -300# SFP2 Cu 99.0 min 1.95 - 2.20 <53
Dendritic Copper Powder -300# SFP3 Cu 99.0 min 1.3 - 1.7 <53
Dendritic Copper Powder -240# SFP8 Cu 99.0 min 0.95 - 1.10 <63
Dendritic Copper Powder -300# SFP10 Cu 99.0 min 0.65 - 0.90 <53