Iron Powder

Water atomised irregular iron powders and sponge iron powders produced by special solid-state reduction process.

Sponge iron powders with high surface area and internal porosity are widely used in sintered components in the PM industry. Typical uses are in self lubricating bearings and shock absorber parts.

Atomised iron powders have very high compressibility, particularly suited for medium to high density structural parts and as a base material for soft magnetic applications.

In decorative applications iron can be used as a filler for cold casting or as the finished metal surface. In cold metal spraying it is used to produce a realistic metallic iron effect or can be treated to give a corroded look to a whole range of substrates.

Description Composition (%) App Density (g/cc) Size (μm)
Sponge Iron -100# Fe>99.0 - <150
Sponge Iron -300# Fe>99.0 - <53
Nutrafine RS -325# Fe>96.0 - <45
Atomised Iron -100# Fe>99.0 - <150
Atomised Iron -300# Fe>99.0 - <53