Iron Powder

Atomised irregular iron powders and sponge iron powders in various sizes.

The sponge iron powders have high surface area and internal porosity and are produced through solid-state reduction. They are widely used in sintered components in the powder metallurgy industry.

The atomised iron powders have very high compressibility and are particularly suited for medium to high density structural parts and as a base material for soft magnetic applications. Also used for decorative coatings and cold casting applications.

*Stock item. Other grades made to order.

Description Composition (%) App Density (g/cc) Size (μm)
*Sponge Iron Powder -100# Fe>99.0 2.4 typical <150
*Sponge Iron Powder -300# Fe>99.0 2.8 typical <53
Atomised Iron Powder -100# Fe>99.0 3.0 typical <150
Atomised Iron Powder -300# Fe>99.0 - <150
*Magnetite Powder Fe 71 min - <500