Aluminium Powder

Standard primary grade air atomised aluminium powders in a range of particle sizes.

In addition to air atomised powders we can supply spherical aluminium powders manufactured by gas atomisation.

Applications for aluminium powders span a wide range of markets and technologies and include the metallurgical, welding, coating, chemical and refractory industries as well as smaller scale applications such as friction products, plastics and pyrotechnics. Aluminium powders also find use in decorative applications such as cold casting and cold metal spraying.

Below is just a selection of products, please enquire for specific applications.


Description Composition (%) App Density (g/cc) Size (μm)
Primary Atomised Aluminium -150# Al>99.7 - <106
Primary Atomised Aluminium -250# Al>99.7 - <63
Primary Atomised Aluminium -300# Al>99.5 - <53
Ultrafine Spherical Aluminium -20µm Al>99.7 - 5.0 - 7.0 (d50)