Cold Casting

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Metal powders are mixed with a resin, such as a polyester or polyurethane based resin, to produce a very realistic metal effect casting having the look and feel of metal.

Typically a brushable or pourable paste is made by mixing resin, catalyst and metal powder which is applied to the mould surface by brush or pouring. Once the coating has begun to cure the rest of the mould can be filled with resin mixed with filler, such as gypsum. Iron powder can also be added to give extra weight. Suitable moulds made from high quality silicone or rigid polyurethane type material are essential for good casting.

After curing the cast is removed from the mould and can be polished with steel wool to bring out a realistic metal effect.

A growing trend within the fibreglass (GRP) industry is to use metals in composites to provide a metallic look and feel to a whole range of objects. Spectacular metallic effects can be reproduced at a fraction of the cost of making an object in solid metal.

Ronald Britton supplies copper (spherical and irregular), bronze (spherical and irregular), brass, aluminium, zinc, tin and iron powders for cold casting application and incorporation into GRP.