Premier Holographic & Iridescent Glitter


 Iridescent Ranges

Crystalina 011 Edit    Crystalina 016 edit

A premium range of precision cut highly refractive particles of multi-layered polyester film producing a colour shift effect.

  • Colour change depends on the nature of the substrate to which the glitter is applied and the viewing angle
  • Contains no metallic element, the colour shift and sparkling appearance are obtained from the optical properties of the multi-layered film
  • EN71-3 and EN71-2 approved
  • Special solvent resist grades available
  • Heat resistance typically c.110°C, but special heat resist grades are available
  • A wide range of sizes, shapes and colours


Holographic Ranges

A premium range of precision cut highly reflective particles of micro embossed metallised polyester film.

  • The glitter particles produce an amazing polychromatic holographic effect
  • These glitters offer a wide range of application, most colours having high solvent resistance and excellent temperature resistance (180°C) and light fastness
  • EN71-3 and EN71-2 approved
  • Available in a range of sizes and colours