Cosmetic Glitter


The RB Cosmetic Glitter range contains an array of premium cosmetic glitters in different sizes, shapes, colours and effects. It incorporates our new Cosmetic Bio-glitter®, a biodegradable glitter range produced for the cosmetic industry.

With increasing regulation in the cosmetic industry we felt it essential to have a range of glitters for our customers backed up by clear and concise cosmetic approval information.

All RB Cosmetic glitters have ingredients which comply with EU cosmetic regulations and most are also compliant with cosmetic regulations in the USA. The key card which accompanies our shade card lists the cosmetic approval for each glitter.

CAS and CI No’s of the individual ingredients are available by requesting a data sheet from our Sales Support team.

The RB Cosmetic Glitter range mirrors much of our Premier Glitter Range but uses cosmetically approved ingredients:

  • Cosmetic Polyester Glitter
  • Cosmetic Iridescent Glitter
  • Cosmetic Holographic Glitter & Shapes
  • Cosmetic Pastel Glitter
  • Cosmetic Pearl & Mica Glitter
  • Cosmetic Bio-glitter®